Age/Location: 32, Glasgow

Years Riding: 19 years

Gyro? *pauses to think*… 9 years of gyro

What made you start Riding: I got a bike as a gift and the first day I rode it I met some riders in Inverurie. They bullied me into Feebling a ledge!

What kind of ledge? I went past it today actually. *pulls out phone* I bent my axle and took it down to ‘Pedal Power’, the local bike shop. The guy in there fixed it up and was nice enough to set up a tab for me when I was only 14. I think I paid him back a fiver a week for 3 years.

Fav tricks: Feeble, 180 and of course, the Turndown!

Fav spot: The Uni in Aberdeen, I think about it a lot, there’s so much in one area

Best DVD: Haha, it would be a VHS! ‘Nowhere Fast’ or the Props box sets. For favourite DVD it’s probably ‘Drop the Hammer’ or ‘This is United’. And ‘Voices’ of course, that video made me take my Gyro off!

A pivotal moment in your life? I actually went to 20twenty a few weeks later to buy a whole new brake setup but mike wouldn’t let me. It’s not like him to refuse a sale, so I’m extra grateful that he guided me down the right path haha.

Best thing outside BMX: The Countryside, out by Inverurie way is amazing.

Fav thing inside BMX: Feebles

Fav Food: Chicken ‘n’ Veg and street treats. When we did Living for the City everyone relied on me for sweets. Reed and Tony loved it. (Stark and Malouf)

Best Trip: The first time I went to the USA, I was only 20. We went to a flatland jam and just partied and rode the whole time.

Who do you ride with: Ginger Pete, Doug Soutar and the whole Substance team

Who have you enjoyed filming with: Chris Petrie (Goldie), who i’ve filmed loads with back in Aberdeen. He was always smart, tricking me into doing things to get a photo or a clip. He’d say “We’ll just go look at it” and before you knew it you were trying something.

Famous last words: Noose nipper